Our LEAN expert can create more value with your current, or fewer resources.  Our goal is to provide perfect value to you through a perfect value creation process that has zero waste., thus alleviating your budgetary and time concerns.

Serving in the Navy and Marine Corps proved  how much I care and want to protect others.  I have found this very same passion in the emergency management and security fields, where I can continue to serve and protect others.  I'm so fortunate to be able to impact the lives of others, all while partnering with some of the most passionate and driven people in the emergency management, security, and LEAN fields.  Together, we will provide the highest level of research, planning, protection, response and other beneficial benefits to not only your business, but your entire community as well.

With a combined 40 plus years in emergency and disaster management, global security operations, and healthcare, we have the knowledge and experience to help you surpass all expectations place upon you, your agency, and business.  Let us provide the solutions to your problems!

Timothy Stuppy

Emergency management

Disasters take place in many forms, and our team is dedicated to provide you the necessary tools, training, and expertise to mitigate and protect your business, and community.  

our leadership team

Our founder

Audra Douglas.
As a trained LEAN Six Sigma Master Blackbelt, Audra works to ensure that all of our operations are efficient and effective with the lowest operating costs.  Not only does she maximize our operational efficiency, but also is able to provide that very same solution to your business as well.

Kremena Saam.

Kremena is originally from Bulgaria, and has worked extensively throughout Europe.  With a double Masters in Marketing and Business, as well as being fluent in several different languages, Kremena is essential to the business both nationally and internationally.  


With more threats to our security today than ever before, be it physical, personal, or technological,  you can rest assure that we can provide you with the information, tools, and training necessary to keep you, your business, and your information safe.

Solution's History

Timothy Stuppy

Brandon Saam.
Brandon's background in military and federal security operations helps us apply the best security techniques in use today, physically, electronically, and architecturally.  He is accomplished internationally in the security field, as well as planning and preparation consulting.